Thursday, 21 January 2016


These photos show progress from a few days ago.

The verandah rail (porch in the instructions and perhaps in the US) gave me a bit of trouble, as there didn't seem to be anything at all for it to stick to. I have found a couple of times in this project that I am supposed to work against the laws of gravity and reason and glue things together using faith and hope.

The attic is becoming a storage area and office/study. The storage area floor is shown here in a roungh hewn look paper. The stairs come out in the study as you can see above.

I have had such trouble getting paper to stick to the foamcore walls I made for the bathroom and in the attic. I have ended up using superglue to make it stay after trying wallpaper paste, mod podge, tacky glue and PVA on the wall edge where you can see pegs. The pegs have left a couple of divots which I am hoping fix themselves over time. We shall see.

Here you can see the lord of the manor checking progress on 'his' house. How I am going to keep him away from the minis as they are added to the house I have no idea. I think I can feel some perspex coming my way. The word NO usually brings a disdainful look and a perceived sniff of dismissal in my general direction. Lucky he's one of the loves of my life.

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