Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Busy busy

Finally, the postman brought the box I had been waiting for and I have been working hard on my Laurel dollhouse. So far have the shell built and primed, windows, shutters and outside doors painted. I have also almost finished making a chimney using bricks from this tutorial and stone foundation using eggshells from this tutorial (about 9 minutes in). All things have moved forward since I took these photos.

I have also added a wall inside cut from foam core, and modified the stairs to include what I think are called risers as the look of the stairs was a little bare for my liking. I noticed the wall looked a bit crooked (!) in this photo so I have since fixed it as best I could.

The shell went together with some sanding and whacking and then was glued. I have got to sand some glue drips from the inside. Next project will be to cut the siding, or as we call it here boards for the exterior walls. Things are coming along quite well I think, but very slowly.

These are the scrapbook papers I have chosen for the wallpaper. We have clockwise from top left bedroom, bathroom (stripes will be vertical), kitchen and lounge/living room. I am second guessing whether the red door fits with the blue/yellow coolness of the papers, but I think it will stay red as I am more likely down the track to change the interior walls than the look of the outside of the house. What do you think, if there is anyone out there reading this?

Upstairs will become a study/library and I am adding another wall to include a storage/odd little room with odd little things in it room.

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